Financial Planning Redefined˚

When did financial planning become reduced to investment advice only?  Yes, investment planning is an important part of the process, but true financial planning goes much deeper and requires a comprehensive understanding of your particular goals and finances.  Secondly, why has financial advice become a service reserved exclusively for those with significant assets to manage? 

While we work with many clients who are currently in or transitioning to retirement, we also understand that most of our significant financial decisions will be made prior to age 40.  During this time, you may be getting married, starting a new job or planning to start a family.  As young professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of planning in the earlier stages of your life and are on a mission to create a structure for planning advice that is accessible to all, customizable to your situation and overseen by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

At Latitude Planning Group, our goal is to simplify your financial life.  With simplicity in mind, we have created two unique financial planning packages that are tailored to your specific needs:


If you're ready for actionable financial planning recommendations that help you redefine˚ your personal financial situation, then our Comprehensive Financial Planning Package is for you. This package includes:

  • 90-minute Discovery Meeting conducted either in person or online via Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • 90-minute Plan Delivery Meeting to review recommendations in the following areas:
    • Financial Wellness (Cash Flow & Debt Management)
    • Retirement Planning
    • Investment Planning & Management
    • Insurance & Protection Planning
    • Tax & Estate Planning
    • College Planning
  • 1-2 page Action Checklist so you can take action right away
  • Ongoing access to a CFP® who can answer your questions as they arise
  • Access to the Latitude Dashboard˚: Your all-inclusive financial planning portal, which allows you to link all of your investments, bank accounts, liabilities, important documents and more to one central secure website.

COST: $1,500-$5,000*

*Negotiated to fit your particular situation and needs.

Not quite ready to invest in a full financial plan?  Or maybe you're looking for answers to a few specific questions?  If this sounds like you, our Quick Start Session includes:

  •  A 90-minute strategy session conducted either in person or online via Skype or Google Hangouts where we will answer your most pressing financial questions.
  • Following our call, you will receive an email with:
    1.  A recap of our conversation
    2.  A summary of our recommendations
    3. An action step checklist to get you started right away!
  • Popular questions include:
    • How much should I set aside for emergency savings?
    • How do I create a budget or spending plan?
    • Can you help me read my company's benefits package and select the best options?
    • We just had a baby...Do we need insurance?  If so, which type should we buy and how much?
    • What's the best way to pay off my student loan debt?  Can you help me consolidate and build a debt repayment plan?
    • How can we save for our child's education?
    • My company does not offer a 401(k)...What are my options to save for retirement?
    • Should we buy a home or rent?

COST: $500

Investment management

You've worked hard for your money and, in order to meet your goals, you need your money to work hard for you.  We take a collaborative approach to investment management that begins with a deep understanding of your goals and needs.  Utilizing our universe of some of the best and brightest money managers available, we will work with you to create a diverse investment strategy tailor-fit to meet your unique needs.