Cutting Through the Noise

Invesco has been running a great commercial the last couple years depicting the way many of us feel on a typical Monday morning:  As soon as you get out of bed, you're hit with a barrage of emails/texts/social media/television or radio commentary/etc.  For me, my Mondays begin by turning on CNBC as soon as I wake up, browsing through a few newspapers and sorting through an email inbox filled with several dozen newsletters and market commentaries so I can focus on what really matters: my clients and my business.  Between the talking heads on TV and other commentary, it's important to be able to focus on what is essential and tune out what is not (most of it).

My goal for the Insights˚ blog is to help cut through some of the noise and post about timely topics that may affect your family's finances as well as unrelated topics that we find interesting and noteworthy.  This will be a combination of original content from me and our team as well as content written by others that we deem share-worthy.  Please share this content with anyone who would find it interesting and email me with comments or suggestions.